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it has been decided to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 years old. do you think this is a wise decision? Write for and against


Every 4 years the elections take place in our country, which have a huge effect on our government. Nowadays, only the citizens who are over the age of 18 can vote and make a difference. Should we also let citizens who are over the age of 16 years old vote?

On the one hand, some people think that younger teens should not take part in the elections. Young teenagers can’t make the right decisions in their life and don’t really understand the meaning of what they will choose.

On the other hand, it has been argued that after the age of 16 a person has enough knowledge to make a decision and knows what will be good or bad for him. For example, after the age of 16 teens can have a driving licence. If a teenager can drive a car he will have the responsibilty over his decisions. Moreover, teens want to feel that they are a part of society and can make a change.

In my opinion, I think that a teenager who is over 16 years old should be a part of the election process because I think that the has enough responsibility and knowledge to make the best decisions for himself.

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